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I'm looking for a personal assistant!

Nice to meet everyone! My name is Hiroyuki Okabe and I am receiving home nursing care due to a disease called ALS that breaks my motor nerves and makes me unable to move. Suddenly, can you help me as a personal assistant? Sometimes as a spokesperson and sometimes as a caregiver, I am looking for someone to help me in my daily life. Whether you are suffering from various circumstances or are full of hope, why not spend your life with a smile every day?
You can study together with the aim of becoming a long-term care welfare worker or long-term care specialist (care manager), aim to balance child-rearing, or if you have something you want to do but don't want to spend time on work, we welcome you! We are looking for friends who will help each other and walk with a smile so that we can realize a life with dreams. Thank you!

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